PC Stuck on POST 99 – Unusual

So I had a customer bring in their computer today. A very strange issue(he always gives me the hard ones). It wouldn’t boot at the front of the store while testing it, looked for all the common issues as to why, but no go.  Took it apart in the back, put it back together and tested it.  It booted without the water cooler. Okay, so let’s put it back together with the water cooler and while hand tightening the cooler it breaks the screw hole out. He must have had it to tight from before. Called the customer he picked it up bought a new water cooler and put it in..

The next day I get a call back from him saying it’s POSTing but sticking on code 99 on the screen…. That’s strange and a really generic code, so he brings it back in and leaves it  as I was to busy to look at it right away.  I take it to the back and hook it up.   It works…  uhmm…. maybe a keyboard or mouse is stopping it?  Yeah it has to be!   He comes. picks it up. takes it home.  No go… Same thing.    But he only has USB keyboards and my test machine in the back that I used is only PS/2.   Weird… maybe he has to use a ps/2 keyboard.  Looking at the board it kind of looks tweaked and bent and changes when i plug the keyboard in.    Lets try not plugging it and and tweaking the board as if we plugged it in!!!  Nope no go….

Hmm back to the drawing board I guess.  Plug the PS/2 Keyboard in ever so slightly and it boots!?  Okay so what is it?   I get out some solder because even my smallest paperclip wont fit in the pin holes of the connector and start plugging them into each hole on the PS/2 Port.  Pin 1. Pin 2. Pin 3. Pin 4. Pin 5…. PIN 5  The Clock(From researching a bit, the clock controller is on the mobo and connects between the CPU and Northbridge).  AND IT BOOTS….


But why? He has been using this motherboard in another case for 3 months before and had no problems.  He swapped cases and somehow messed something up??  I don’t see any signs of issues,  I know the guy has built many computers before… What gives?  If we keep that piece of metal solder in making the connection for that pin everything works great.  Once it boots you can pull out the metal and it works fine.  MSI Motherboard. PS/2.  Time for some Google-Fu. We Only found one thing related to a post from 2008 with no solution here. At least it works  but at this point I’m stumped,  and he just want’s to use this temporary fix as everything is great with it.

Any thoughts?


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