Clark County Democratic Convention Registration

I was blown away with all of the people that showed up. It was a madhouse, but of course it was also a LINE. a big freaking line, 5 and a half hours later when I got out, after getting my delegate stuff there were still people where I was two hours earlier. I’m not sure if this is normal for a caucus or because people are very passionate this year. It was also really cool to talk to all the people in the line many, if not most, we’re new to it and were doing their “civic duty” as I’ll call it now. But it was an experience I really enjoyed.

There were many vocal Bernie supporters, some vocal Clinton supporters, but from what I saw, everyone was cordial with each other and I loved that. I got the pleasure of hanging out in this line with I think Earl, his brother and GF, a nice old Black woman, an astute man who has been there before, a young Muslim woman, and a family voting for Hilary with their kids. I got to witness a bunch of different demographics mingle with each other to do this thing and even with differing opinions could still come together and be good to each other with differing views. Earl, as I think his name was, Earl’s brother went and bought a platter of Subs for everyone around us in the line, and we all tried our hardest to get them to everyone around. There was a lady with her 2 year old that we had to take care to push her cart forward as the line slooowwwlly moved forward, but everyone was cordial and helpful. I, with my smoking crutch, would occasionally go elsewhere for a cigarette while they held my spot in line, and they were nice. When we finally came to the side of the building we were staring at the gentleman that has been there before spouted out I can see what I’ve been staring at for hours! We all agreed and had some good banter about it all. We then had banter among all of us about how we see people going in and no one coming out. They are gassing us! Its TRUMP. It was fun and seemed to make it all go faster the closer we got to the door.

When we got to the door there was a man standing on a chair, we all jokingly said he was blessing us for a sacrifice. When we talked with him he told us he had been on that chair since they opened, nothing but his coca cola to keep him going. He was great and loving what he did, I respect that man. Once he got us in they helped separate us with pledged delegates, alternate delegates, and something else etc etc, I can’t remember what. Inside we all were like we’re so close! The wait continued, but not as long as we expected from the way the line was. When we got to the end of the line before they had us talk to the people to get registered I thought to myself, all of us, don’t even knew each others names. So I introduced myself to everyone around me, shook hands, and we all exchanged names and good stories. I unfortunately can only remember the name Earl. and then we all had our farewells.

Once up to the people registering I came prepared with my delegate slip, registration sheet, and talked with the lovely lady that helped me, behind her was an older man that was helping keep the peace and the place organized they both jokingly said oh wow someone is organized and has all their stuff and pink slip, unlike us! We shared a laugh. They asked if I wanted to try and be a delagate for state then national and I said Yes!, then they handed me a form for it, I told them I already did it online and they were shocked, the old man told me do it anyways, “I don’t trust computers…” I wish they did, this situation would have been so much better with a technology assist, I digress.. I get everything done, get my delegate badge and then was on my way home!!!!

I get out the exit everyone is joking that we’re headed to another line to wait in. I then get back to the truck, which i parked funny because of the madhouse the place was and a lady pops out from the front and said oh it’s yours okay good. I was getting ready to take a piss behind my truck. LOL I told her I understand, you can also get to the bathrooms that way, she said screw it, I’ll wait ’till you leave that’s too much walking. So I get in my car to leave and she yells “Bernie?!?!”, and I said Hell Yes and noticed her cute dog in the car. Told her that, said you guys must have gotten a kick out of my parking, she laughed and said “YEPP”, then went on my way, back down Sunset Rd. to forever hit every freaking light on the way home….

I’ll be back tomorrow with the story from Cashman Center about the Convention, it’s been fun ya’ll. Good night!


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