Clark County Democratic Convention!

So, the CCDC was very eventful for me. I almost didn’t make it in. I finally got there at 12:04, talked to the line people and couidn’t get in because “the lines were done at 12″… Even though the first day i pre-registered. They told me to wait and talk to someone coming by, they told me to wait and never came back. 12:15 comes by and i talk to the cool haired girl who was in the same boat as me. Registered the day before, dropped off, and not knowing what to do.. we wait to talk to the volunteers until some other delegate comes up to talk to her(she was pretty, and her hair was epic, so her and her hair saved us getting in). apparently we could just go to the front of the line and walk in….. why the other people didn’t tell us, I don’t know, but after that we were in!!

So me and crazy hair tried to find spots, didn’t happen, so we hung out in the middle talking to people. Was a lot of fun talking to all the different people, then MY LINE BUDDIES find me. Apparently they have more spots so we head with them.. Im ecstatic, more people i know and not needing to super-socialize.. We get seats and crazy haired girl gets a phone call from her fellow delegates from mesquite, who happen to be 2 rows in front of us! we all laugh about it and she goes to sit with them all and at some point go further forward in the seating Crazyness for all.

After the beginning we got to the point where more people we’re talking about why they want to be appointed in this thing and that and this district… then the speaker of the event cut someone off… Oh My God. not allowed in democracy…. People freaked the hell out and started screaming “Let him speak!” It looked to me like a lynching might start.. People started exercising their 1st amendment rights and yelling things. I was like, oh crap, shit’s gonna hit the fan(it didn’t). The speaker of the house ended up slamming the gavel down a bit and said i can keep this going until midnight. People were mad…. Bit it calmed a bit and then they let the guy speak after quite a lot of people started chanting let him speak again.. Then he gave a good speech and we were done again…

Then we went to the waiting game for HOURS.. My line buddies who i now know as Earl, Ray, and Chloe i was able to hang out with, got some good times with them. At one time we went up and saw the baseball field, other times we just all hung out in the lines.

Finally we all decided to move closer to the front.. They found a good spot for us all, and near other line buddies that we’re Clinton fans when we were all there the day before.. Good talks for all. As we waited and waited and waited We went and saw the baseball field, i smoked many cigarettes, and we just did our thing. But it was good… Good times, and good people.

Finally we start getting to the end but we have two people with seizures. When they were doing the bernie side, some people behind us started freaking out they wouldn’t scroll it while there was was someone having a seizure. Most Bernie and Clinton folks were angry at them.. It really was rude. I hate people sometimes. The whole process was a mess but it was democracy and a republic in action.. Loved seeing it.

There are so many more stories for this, but i cant remember, but please ask and I’ll find more.. Such as before leaving and getting a ride back i had to talk to a crackhead about many t hings, i got “pastor’s phone number” so i can do things etc etc etc..  OH YEAH!!!  they called  me for a Delegate for State,  so now I have figure out how to get people to vote and want me to go to the national convention…   One more step  and then the people that have helped donate for me actually help!!!!!!!

This event was fantastic… I learned so much from it and hope that i can get to the national convention and hope that people are learning from my experiences.. 🙂


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